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Aug 31 2016

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High Roller Living

KBIS is changing it up this year and moving to Orlando, but all of my time with KBB and our sister publications has granted me countless trips to Vegas. I’m not one for the Vegas “experience,” but I do love opening the door to a different hotel every time and marveling at all the unique designs.

Recently I got a secondhand look at the Residences at Mandarin Oriental – specifically the 2,126-sq.-ft. Penthouse 4101. Speaking with the designer, Pedram Rahimi of Las Vegas-based Rahimi Designs, I learned that designing for such a luxurious space is a challenge in high thinking.

KBB: What were your challenges, and how did you solve them?

PR: The challenge was to set the design apart from the norm and provide a luxurious living experience, providing everything that one would want and need while at the same time taking your breath away. This was achieved by the selection of materials and the use of space, and features like marble baseboard, a television built within a mirror, artwork, high-end furniture and a luxurious master suite bathroom with a spa tub and a teak-paneled ceiling and floors.

mandarin4101-56KBB: What was your goal for the kitchen?

PR: The idea was to create a kitchen that blends and expands into the dining room and the unparalleled strip views to create an overall dining experience. The choice of appliances, materials, cabinetry and finishes enhances the appeal of this space. A focal point of the kitchen is the waterfall design on the island.mandarin4101-27

KBB: What was your favorite part of this project?

PR: I was able to design the space in a way that I could express my design ideas and utilize materials in order to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

Aug 22 2016

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Another Peek at KBIS 2017 Products

Inia Glass Sink

As KBIS 2017 draws nearer, KBB is on top of all of the new products that will be introduced. Please join us from Jan. 10-12 in Orlando to see these and many more. Here is a sampling to whet your whistle.

Kohler’s Inia Wading Pool sink is made through pressed-glass construction, and its deep basin minimizes splashing. It is available in a variety of colors, is easy to clean and features a subtle, hammered texture with a painted underside to hide fixtures.

KWC’s stylish and functional PIANA bath collection includes a single-lever faucet, a single-lever vessel faucet and a widespread faucet – all available in chrome or splendure stainless steel.


Omega will introduce four new neutral cabinetry colors, including Meteor – a warm whisper of gray – and Colonnade, a slightly darker hue. The white shades include Elemental White – a bright, clear pigmentation – and Beach House, a creamy white.

Omega Whites

Sterling’s stain-, scratch- and chip-resistant Lawson Oval Bath features an integrated headrest and lumbar support for added comfort. It is comprised of Vikrell Material, which is a solid composite material made of resins, fiberglass and filler.


The Marco bathroom collection from Ronbow and designed by Ramon Esteve emulates a strong, linear design and features such storage elements and accessories as a towel bar and drawer and side cabinets. It is available in two sizes and three finishes and can be customized.

Ronbow_Marco_E052163-DB and E052463-1-A01_B6_F_0053

Jul 25 2016

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KBIS 2017 – An Early Look at Product Offerings


We are already gearing up for KBIS 2017 in Orlando from Jan. 10-12, so we wanted to feature a few kitchen and bath products that have come across our desk that will debut at the show. Be sure and follow our special KBIS section in the upcoming issues of KBB for all things KBIS – events, products, trends – and more!

This beautiful kitchen (above) is from the Casa Dolce Casa brand’s Stone & More collection, and features Calacatta and stone burl gray colors for the kitchen’s backsplash and slabs.

KWC’s INTRO bath line (below) is sophisticated, intuitive and ergonomic and is distinguished by technological innovations such as a Neoperl® Caché® SSR E swiveling jet regulator, which allows consumers to change the direction and angle of the jet of water to suit their needs. The collection also features a single-lever faucet and a widespread faucet and is available in chrome or splendure stainless steel.


Watco’s Flex924 complete bath waste system (below) solves misalignment between the bathtub overflow and the bathtub drain connection. The Flex924 has flexible PVC tubing that connects the overflow to the sanitary tee of the bathtub. It bends to accommodate misalignment and eliminates the need for offsets. The Flex924 ships with a factory installed test membrane at the overflow and test plug for the drain that is testable up to five floors. The snap-on, Innovator overflow plate requires no screws and installs much easier than one- or two-hole overflows. Because the Innovator overflow extends through the overflow hole and is locked into place with a retainer nut, it eliminates leaks due to loose or faulty overflow attachments.


Kitchen Kompact’s Warmwood line (below) features a chestnut-brown tone, clean lines and recessed panel doors. The shaker-style cabinets are made in the USA.

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Feb 11 2016

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Going Blue with Tile

Blue - lifestyle                                                      Blue
Sacramento, Calif.-based designer Kerrie Kelly of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab decided to spread her wings and launched a collection of tiles with Tile Bar. The collection, Blue My Mind, consists of eight tile designs with a blue-and-white palette. KBB spoke with Kelly to find out more on her inspiration and how she started her collection.

How were you involved in the design?
KK: Our design process began by reviewing photos taken from our recent travels to Milan, London, Nice, New York and of course, California. We then formulated our concepts in CAD, applying layers of color and materials. Once we submitted the designs to the TileBar team, we discussed wanting a variety of price point for the consumer market. This is where we started picking and choosing which designs would receive glass, marble or porcelain applications.

Catch My Drift                                                    Catch My Drift Tile

Where did the inspiration for the design come from?
KK: Our team came up with designs based on our favorite jewelry pieces, accessories and silhouettes from recent travels.

How does this go along with your design work?
KK: This collection blends seamlessly with our day-to-day design specification. The color inspiration was originally based on our blue Silestone Albedo countertop, created with Cosentino. To now be able to call out tile for our client projects that provides color, pattern and a classic aesthetic is invaluable to our process with clients.

Take the Plunge - lifestyle                                                      Take the Plunge Tile

How/when did you design this product?
KK: I met the TileBar team at KBIS in January 2015. We were designing the collection by March and launching our prototypes in New York at ICFF by May 2015. And now we celebrate the official launch to public this month!
What advice would you give another design who wants to start their own line?
KK: The answer is “no” until you ask! The TileBar team is such a young, fun, hip, savvy company, that if you have a good idea, they are ready to listen and possibly collaborate with you, too.