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Nov 15 2010

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“Why” is why you don’t make more sales

“Why” is why you miss out on bigger contracts, better projects and higher add-on sales.

“Why” is why you don’t connect with better clients.

If you’re like so many kitchen and bath professionals, you don’t adequately explain WHY people should buy from you. And it’s costing you big time.

Sure, you tell your prospects and clients what to do: Make an appointment, check out our website, buy our cabinets, send us referrals and so on.

But you don’t always tell why. The result: thousands of dollars end up in your competitors’ pockets.

Tell them why, and they’ll buy. Don’t, and they won’t.

In challenging times like these, people are more apt to wonder why they should invest in a kitchen or bath remodel.

And why they need you.

And why they need you…NOW.

You need to address the “why” in every call to action.

Say: Make an appointment, and we’ll give you ideas on how to substantially increase the value of your home.

or, Check out our website, and you’ll see an article on the ten most common mistakes homeowners make in selecting kitchen and bathroom tile.

or, Buy our cabinets, because they carry the best guarantee available in this area.

or, Hire our firm because we’re only the one in the area with 27 years experience providing “eco-friendly” design solutions for vacation homes.

or, Send us a referral, and we’ll send you a check for $150 when they place their first order.
Remember: “Why” is their question. Make sure you have the answer.

Fred Berns, an interior design industry business coach and trainer, is the author of the audio program “12 Reasons You Earn Less Than You Could…and Should.”

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