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Nov 10 2010

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2011 Color trends…looking back

Hot colors from 2010 will continue over into the 2011 designer palette according to research by the Color Marketing Group (CMG). The colors below are part of the carryover and coincide with an overriding sense of nostalgia as an influencer.


This color has proven its worth and will continue to be important for 2010 and 2011. Gray, green and brown combine to bring to life this complex neutral.


This color was built on military inspiration: tradition, quiet reserve, honor and endurance. Look for Perpetual to support butter-tint yellows, soft grays and warm neutrals.


The popularity of this color has been tremendous. The automotive sector, fashion, interiors, and recreation have all employed this complex neutral in their products. Overwhelmingly, Seacrest was voted onto the 2011-2012 palette to continue working its magic.


Once again, the velvet good looks of Bon Noir are a prerequisite for the 2011-2012 palette. Look for home interiors to create products that layer black on black in fabrics, wall coverings, and even floor coverings.

We trace back to the past, to the artistry,
beauty and history to celebrate the unique
creative vision. Revamp, reinvent, and reuse
becomes the new mantra. Create a modernist
vintage sensibility.

There is still a large population of people who want to seek refuge from the stress of today’s slow economic recovery.  They look to reminisce in the tradition and simplicity of the past. Basic and fundamentally classic colors—like browns, charcoal, navy and red—help to bring optimism and confidence in a stable and sustainable tomorrow.

Pantone’s take on this theme is titled Archetypes, which is all about classical styling.

“Classics never go out of style—they are the Archetypes of design and color that are seemingly ageless. While they often reflect a historical time period, standard classics will look au courant when updated or reinvented through styling, pattern and texture. And just as fashion repeatedly illustrates, basics such as black, brown, beige, gray and taupe can also be redefined in the home by introducing colorful accents.”

The Archetypes palette harkens back to the idea of retro and is heavily influences by movies and television. Iconography associated with the palette includes leather jackets, aviator sunglasses and leather covered suitcases.

The ’40s wartime restraint era is associated with a new interest in light maple, pecan and walnut as well as jersey, cable knits, wool and tweed. For interiors, this is likely to translate into bright and basic colors such as green, brown and red paired with vintage objects.

These classic colors will be paired with deep reds and purples, pigment-infused pastels such as baby blues and pinks, and earthy golds and clays that will be featured in next year’s palette. As the year unfolds the more energetic colors will be used by designers as a complement to neutral colors—particularly grey, from silver to deep slate—to give the neutrals a lift and support dramatic silhouettes.

Ann Porter

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