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Feb 15 2013

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Feb 14 2013

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Expand your business with dressing rooms

Did you see the Wall Street Journal article about Opulent Closets? If you haven’t read you should check it out.

I learned that closet spending is up and they aren’t called closets any more. They are “dressing rooms.” I think the article is encouraging news. While I suspect the average designer is not going to land $50,000 remodeling projects for a single dressing room, knowing that there is interest in this new trophy room can increase sales.

So if a potential client walks into your showroom or calls you on the phone asking for a new Master Closet do you have product to show them?

—Do you have jewelry accessories or know anything about watch winders?

—Do you have examples of LED lighting or lighted clothes rods that illuminate the garments hanging below?

—Can you discuss UV protection on widows to keep clothes from fading or how to integrate the A/V components and Security system?


Winona Solutions + Light


October Company

Ann Porter

Feb 04 2013

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Gaining an edge: A revolutionary idea for laminate countertops

Formica 1
Attending the International Builder’s Show this year in Las Vegas is always fun, and I’m constantly on the prowl for new products and ideas that can stimulate me and get my design juices flowing. It’s not always easy to get jazzed about building materials, but there were some pretty neat things happening at the FORMICA booth.

First of all, the company was introducing its new line of ANNIVERSARY collection patterns, all of which have a great “retro” vibe…here’s what they look like. It’s a new twist on the old “boomerang” and speckled patterns of the 1950s with a gorgeous color palette.

Formica 2

Formica 3

But it didn’t stop there. Formica has just introduced a new process for fabricating edge details on countertops called IdealEdge. It’s a detached, pre-formed edge made in two shapes: ogee and bullnose which is applied separately, creating a fluid transition between top and front. What this does is eliminate any “black line,” which I like on retro-type installs, but not when a stone or a more natural look is called for.

Formica 4

Formica 5

Formica has also reduced the size of the front edge to 1 1/4 in. from the conventional 1 1/2 in., which makes it the size of a natural slab of stone. Also, let’s not forget that it’s now possible to undermount a sink into the laminate !

Formica 6

Now, you may not think this is such a big deal, but for a designer who’s constantly honing her craft, it’s given me a lot to think about. How many clients do you have who insist that granite countertops are the holy grail? Can’t there be something else besides that boring old slab of stone? Between the retro patterns and the new edges, I can think of hundreds of fresh new possibilities in kitchen design that I’m itching to do. Also bathrooms, kid’s rooms, laundry rooms, bars, offices, and so much more. Thanks, Formica, for giving me a much needed design boost.

Feb 01 2013

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DuPont unveils new colors for 2013


By Alice Liao

Is the way to an editor’s heart through her stomach? Maybe. DuPont recently held a luncheon at its Corian Design Studio in New York City to introduce color trends for 2013 and the newest additions to its Corian and Zodiaq quartz lines.

The food was, of course, delicious and highly theatrical in its presentation. All six courses were prepared and served by A Razor, A Shiny Knife on dinnerware with decorative accessories to evoke the trends being discussed by Mark Goodman, president of Color Marketing Group; also on hand was Elizabeth Lawson, strategic project manager for DuPont Building Innovations.

Tablecloths were whipped away, server outfits were swapped and vapors, vegetation, vases and other visual flourishes were paraded in and out with each Corian color grouping, of which there were three: Solidify, Interference and Raw.

Solidify, a cool, almost chilly palette, draws from changing weather patterns, ice patterns, porous materials and the power of water and wind. It reflects the continuing strength of gray.


Interference is influenced by rare earth materials, incorporating bits of shimmer and warm metallics.


DBI_Corian_Color Chip_Desert
DBI_Corian_Color Chip_Pebble

Raw is the palette of eternal spring, rediscovery and calm. Woodman also talked about the need for authenticity and a respect for natural materials. Actually, these two would make attractive countertops.


DBI_Corian_Color Chip_Sea Foam

Following are some photos from the event:

DBI_Corian_Color Chip_Whipped Cream

Want more? Check out additional images on DuPont Corian’s Facebook page.