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Jan 07 2016

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Seven 2016 Trends to Watch from Houzz

Houzz_Living Space-esque Bathroom

All photos from Houzz

Bathrooms that Feel More Like Living Spaces

Graphic wallpaper, ornate chandeliers and furniture-like pieces turn sterile spaces into feeling more like home, as shown in the photo above.

Colored Stainless Steel Appliances

Black stainless steel is making a buzz on Houzz. In a poll, nearly two-thirds of Houzzers say they would consider the dark alternative to shiny metal. Not into the darkness? Head to the light with Whirlpool’s Sunset Bronze finish.

Outdoor Fabric Used Inside

Outdoor fabrics are becoming increasingly harder to distinguish from traditional indoor fabrics, and many Houzzers are bringing them indoors, where their durability make them perfect for high-traffic living room and dining furniture.


Fireplaces and Fire Features

New advances mean you can have all the ambience without the smell, pollution or hassle of traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Plus, fireplaces are making a comeback as living room focal points in lieu of the dark void of a TV screen.

Statement Mirrors in Bathrooms

So long medicine cabinets; hello, statement mirrors. Think large, wood-framed beauties, backlit modern marvels and ornate vintage gems that take style to another level in a bathroom.


The Rise of the Bidet

Manufacturers are creating bidets more catered to American markets – and they’re taking off. According to Houzz data, bidets are included in five percent of renovated master bathrooms.

Modern Material Mix In the Kitchen

Houzzers looking for something a little livelier than white cabinets and granite countertops mix several modern materials, finishes and colors. Try stainless steel perimeter countertops with creamy white quartz island countertops and painted blue glass-fronted perimeter cabinets with painted white glass island cabinets. Toss in some reclaimed wood shelves or ceiling beams, and you’re on your way to an eclectic, upbeat space.

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