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Dec 13 2013

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5 Ways to Transform the Kitchen in Time for the Holidays

Every day of the year but especially during the holidays, the kitchen is the place to be for hosting and entertaining. GlassTileStore’s founder Eli Mechlovits has compiled a list of five easy ways to transform any kitchen into a functional, fashionable space just in time for the New Year.

1. A Subdued, Neutral Palette
Recent surveys show that kitchen owners still prefer neutral shades of white and gray as kitchen backdrops. These colors provide a minimalist background for just about any kitchen theme and also make a great counterpoint to both natural and industrial materials, such as wood chrome flooring and trimming.

2. Practical, Streamlined Appliances
Fixtures are looking more architectural and practical than ever. For example, high-clearance faucets make it easier to wash bigger pots and pans, and a swivel spout allows users to multi-task. Those bulky appliances are also being replaced by smaller versions. Induction stoves are taking over bigger ranges because they cook faster, look sleeker, are easy to clean and take up less space. There’s also a growing demand for multi-purpose kitchen implements, such as coffee grinder-percolators.

3. Brighter Lights or Bigger Windows
Lighting has always been one of the most significant aspects in a design, and so 2014 continues this with an emphasis on natural lighting. A simple open window can both let light in and let steam out. Drop lights above the kitchen counter can also have changeable shades for an instant makeover plus mood lighting. Energy-saving bulbs, like LEDs, are replacing incandescent ones and can be used as a pilot light.

4. Tiled Backsplashes
Both Functional and Ornamental
Glass tiles, whether they are subway-style ones or colorful mosaic pieces, no longer have to be routine features behind a kitchen stove or sink. Backsplashes are fast becoming favorite accent pieces because of their versatile looks and uses. They can provide a splash of color or texture to a neutral-themed kitchen while allowing convenient clean ups.

5. Better Cabinet Access and Storage
Open shelving, like the ones found in restaurant and hotel kitchens, are entering busy home kitchens. For less active kitchens, pull-out racks for specific utensils and implements keep contents dust-free and hidden out of sight. Cabinet doors are also being made to blend even more into the walls and countertops for a cleaner look and feel.

Home improvement and trend expert, Eli Mechlovitz is president and CEO of GlassTileStore.com.

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