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Mar 04 2011

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6 CEUS and a Glass (or two) of wine!

Continuing Education. All of us pursue it in one way or another, either because we have to in order to keep our accreditation or as a way to (hopefully) keep ahead of the competition curve!

Sometimes it’s fun. We have a chance to get together with colleagues and friends and learn something interesting. And sometimes it feels like the presenter should pay us twice our design fee just to sit and not fall asleep!

This March 15, at the A+D building in New York, there is an opportunity to enjoy the first option: Have fun, get together with colleagues and friends and learn…a lot!

The 2nd Annual Education Day for Design Professionals is now taking reservations! All seminars are AIA-, NKBA- and IDCEC-approved.

We’ll begin at 9 am with breakfast at the Miele showroom. Then you’ll have a choice of three different seminars per hour until lunch—catered by GE Monogram.

After lunch, you can choose from three or four more different seminars per hour until 5 pm. At 5, everyone will meet for a Panel Discussion on “Selling to the Generations.” This is a bonus CEU-accredited hour for a total of six CEU hours in one day! Wait until you see who is on the panel!

And then…The well-deserved WINE will be served at the Sub-Zero showroom where Coleman, their fabulous chef, will reward us with his delicious homemade finger foods.

There will be coffee served all day and I am told that some of the showrooms may also offer a sugar lift in the form of cookies between seminars. I know I’ll need it!

Each seminar is held in a “host” showroom so that you will have the opportunity to see something beautiful while you are gathering those CEU hours! All seminars are AIA-, NKBA- and IDCEC-approved.

The seminars will cover a variety of topics for

Serious Business
to topics on
Sustainable Design and Health Safety & Welfare issues
to topics Involving
New Innovations & Techniques
to keep you ahead of the Design Curve!
And of course,
Successful Selling of your Services!

We had a great time last year and this year looks to be even better (including more coffee and better cookies!) You’ll recognize some of the presenters as wonderful old favorites and some new faces. All in all this will not be one of those CEU opportunities you nap through!

See you there!

Roberta Kravette

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