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Oct 16 2012

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A Glimpse into the Future of Home Apps

Last May I read about Ford Motor Company’s push to turn the car into a mobile communications environment. Alliances forged with Medtronic, nMealth pioneer WellDoc and SDI Health allow Ford to develop its initial Health and Wellness connectivity portfolio designed to empower people with self-help information while they drive.

Via Bluetooth and access cloud-based Internet services, Ford can offer in-car glucose monitoring devices, diabetes management services, asthma management tools and web-based allergen alert solutions.

“The car has rapidly evolved into a mobile office and entertainment center for many Americans. Our goal is to further innovate the automotive space by incorporating health and wellness services into the car, thereby making them convenient and easily accessible to our customers.”

Drivers of Ford SYNC Applink-equipped cars can utilize the first app now and have access to the Allergy Alert app from Pollen.com.

This got me thinking about what apps may soon appear in the home.

Am I crazy to think that manufacturers will move beyond the entertainment apps (do we really need another appliance that will play music?) and start to integrate useful tools such as an app that will help my washing machine figure out the best way to clean a stain?

Stain + fabric + how long it sat = pretreatment + wash cycle & detergent type

Can a refrigerator link to a portable monitoring device via Bluetooth and help aid patients and their caregivers control glucose levels?

Is a diabetic more likely to grab a healthy snack from the refrigerator if their glucose level flashes on a monitor in front of them? I would think the answer would be yes.

I will admit that I am not very familiar with which foods are included in a Diabetic Diet, so in a scenario where I am visiting someone who is sick in bed and I want to help out and make lunch for her, an app that told me which foods would cause a spike in glucose levels could be helpful. I might want to know which would be better: a grilled chicken sandwich or a spinach and salmon salad.

Caregiver/Patient + full refrigerator = healthy lunch or snack

Ann Porter

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  1.  Pam |

    Very interesting topic. It seems that these new apps might better be used from the home rather than a moving vehicle. Texting and driving is so not a good idea… futzing with these apps seems just as bad.