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May 16 2012

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A night of inspiration with Apartment Therapy and Swissmiss

I haven’t completed Part 2 of “What I recall of KBIS” but I did want to post something I saw as a result of attending an Apartment Therapy Design Evening tonight, in which Tina Roth Eisenberg was the guest.

Eisenberg is the creator of the swissmiss blog and founder of CreativeMornings, a free monthly breakfast lecture series for creatives, and Tattly, which produces fun, well-designed and funky temporary tattoos. She also co-created TeuxDeux, a to-do app, and runs StudioMates, a collaborative workspace in Brooklyn for designers, bloggers, writers and other creative types. Whew.

The talk was inspiring, revolving around eight principles by which she lives and which she hopes to teach her children. I don’t remember all eight, but here are some I still vaguely recall: 1. Do what you love; 2. When you feel the need to complain, make something; 3. Surround yourself with like-minded people; 4. Follow your intuition; 5. Collaborate with others; 6. Inspire others; 7. If an opportunity scares you, take it…and number 8? For the last principle and more from the night’s discussion, you can visit the Apartment Therapy website, where a video will be posted tomorrow.

Needless to say, when I got home, I decided to go to her blog to read and see a little. That’s when I came across this video, which I highly recommend watching until the end:

Oh, the evening kicked off with a short presentation of Blime, a DIY parametric decorative pendant designed by Alvaro Soto that comes smartly packed in a box smaller than, say, that in which checks are sent (random reference, I know, but I’m looking at one as I write this). The assembly may seem daunting to some, but the pieces are all labeled according to an enclosed diagram. Check out the video on Kickstart.

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