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Jun 25 2010

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A valuable voicemail adds pizzazz to your promotion

What you do—or don’t—say on your voicemail can have a major impact on your business, considering the number of times prospects get your “message” before they get you.

Americans spend 3.2 billion hours a year talking to and listening to voicemail. If you don’t use yours as a promotional tool, you’re missing out on a major marketing opportunity.

Use your voicemail to provide information about yourself and your products and services, along with benefits that you offer your clients.

Ways to Add Value to Your Voicemail:
(excerpted from the “Superstar Selling Audio Download”)

+ Add magic to your message by including your “Only” (as in, “I’m the only award-winning local dealer who specializes in [fill in company name] products.”)

+ Offer options, such as your cell phone number, for those who need to reach you now

+ Provide regular updates (“Today is Thursday, and I’ll be in appointments all morning”)

+ Offer callback information, such as a promise to return the call within 12 hours

+ Include mailboxes with information about individual products and services

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