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Aug 09 2011

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Abet Laminati Stratificato

If you read my last post about Zero Edge sinks, then you will appreciate this post about decorative high-pressure, self-supporting compact laminate. It’s a mouthful to say but basically it is a thick decorative melamine that is achieved by fusing sheets of kraft paper with thermosetting resins.

Abet Laminati, best known for its decorative laminates, produces Stratificato in more than 500 colors, 30 different finishes and eight sheet sizes.

Standard sheet thickness is 12 mm or ½ in. and 19mm or ¾ in., but it can be made up from 6 mm or ¼ in. to 30mm or 1 ¼ in. You can also choose such options as one-sided or two-sided design and standard or flame-retardant versions.

The Stratificato is suitable for commercial applications, such as toilet partitions and wall systems, or residential applications, such as countertops and backsplashes.

Abet states in its literature that “as a rule, no edge protection is needed.” However, to improve the appearance of exposed edges, extra-fine sandpaper and lemon oil furniture polish can be used to obtain a semi-gloss finish. Its warranty guarantees against “swelling, delamination and warpage caused by humidity or proper maintenance.”

I am curious to know how this compares to PaperStone. One of the drawbacks of PaperStone is that the darker colors show water spots.

Ann Porter

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