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Jul 27 2015

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A Great Solution for Kitchen Island “Dead Space”

judson rothschild planter 2

One of the most important functions of our jobs at Rothschild Interiors is to figure out how to utilize space to our clients’ best advantage. Over the years, the demand for larger kitchens has increased, which means our kitchen islands have increased in size as well.

However, when it comes to kitchen islands, bigger is not always better. “Why,” you ask? Because there is always that space in the middle of the kitchen island that the client cannot access. Simple math tells us that once an island (not counting the overhang) exceeds 4-ft. by 4-ft., you are going to have what I call “dead space” that your client will not be able to utilize.

What to do with that dead space in the middle of the island?

Burbank Estates

Burbank Estates

My solution is very simple and turns a loser into a spectacular winner. Once the island gets to be at least 6-ft. by 5-ft., order and install a rectangular trough sink, undermount the sink, tie the sink into the plumbing, and suddenly you have not just a sink, but a beautiful planter as well as a wonderful way to ice your wine bottles during a party.

In spending less than $500, you have created a timeless design element that will be enjoyed by everyone.

– Judson Rothschild is an interior designer and the owner of Rothschild Interiors in Beverly Hills, Calif. Visit his websites at www.rothschildinteriors.com and www.therothschildcollection.com.

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