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Jan 24 2011

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An organized kitchen of my own

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It’s slightly past the first half of the first month of the New Year and so far I have kept all my 2011 Resolutions. This year the theme is: Organization!

  1. I will free my desk of clutter – Check!
  2. I will file all paperwork promptly – Check!
  3. I will open my mail and sort it as it comes in – Check Check!!
  4. I will meet my deadlines – well…….Almost Check!

There is just a touch of “smug” in my smile as I looked around my ordered office.

The desk is clear, paperwork is filed, and all the miscellany of design and business is neatly arranged. This was easy! Now it’s time to finish work on that time-sensitive project. All I need is a cup of tea. Another Check on the Resolution List is right at hand!

I entered the kitchen overflowing with optimism and self congratulations.

THUNK! That is the sound of a box of tea falling out of a cabinet and hitting the counter.

Ok, no problem. Obviously, one little kitchen wall cabinet needs to have the Resolution Treatment—later. I reach into the drawer to get my favorite antique silver tea spoon, the one with flowers running up its stem and a steak knife jabs my finger.

What’s going on here? “Cookie comfort” (weight loss was last year’s resolution) is in another cabinet, but the box is hidden somewhere behind pasta, oatmeal, containers of chicken broth and crushed tomatoes. I look around for the band-aids (I can’t remember where we keep them) and realize that my kitchen could be a poster child for benign neglect. All optimism and self-congratulations have evaporated as blood forms on my fingertip.

But wait! A little voice cries out of the darkness of disorder: You are a KITCHEN DESIGNER! People come to you to solve this problem, especially in small city kitchens like mine. Right!

I carry the tea, without silver spoon, and my paper towel wrapped finger back into the office. There, neatly arranged are kitchen organization resources and my photos and letters of thanks from the happy clients who benefit from them. I can fix this mess.

Before I start work on the other project, one more very important line item needs to be added to the Resolution list:

# 5. In 2011 I will do for my kitchen what I have done for those of Others’

I am beginning to feel optimistic again.

Roberta Kravette

Tall Pantry Pullout

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