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Dec 07 2011

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Antonio Lupi in French & Italian

Product news from abroad is always welcome, especially when the sender is high-design Italian manufacturer Antonio Lupi. But sometimes, the news can be a little bittersweet if the email is about product launches at a European show you did not attend or will not be attending. After all, seeing the product “in the flesh” is so much better, wouldn’t you agree?

So here’s what the Italian bath company has been up to lately. At Cersaie, it showed OiO, a line of tubs and washbasins conceived by the Belgian designer Michel Boucquillon and launched with a younger audience in mind. All pieces are made of polyethylene and can be internally illuminated with color-changing LEDs. The tub measures 1750 cm x 86 cm x 57 cm and the washbasin is 63 cm x 35 cm x 85 cm.

antoniolupi OiO amb bianco
antoniolupi_OiO amb_068green
antoniolupi_OiO amb_072red

At the next Maison & Objet, which takes place January 20-24, 2012, the company will be showing Strappo, a sink that vaguely resembles a dropbox for returning library books or videos—both of which we rarely do nowadays, I guess—after hours. Its designer Domenico De Palo offers a much less mundane description for the origin of the concept: “I wanted to design a washbasin that seems to tear a strip of the wall, to give life to a new concept of living the bathroom.”

The sink is made of Corian and, once installed, can be brushed, plastered and finished to create the illusion of being pulled out of the wall. It measures 83 cm x 48 cm x 58 cm and, from the images, looks as if includes LED lighting. Kinda’ cool, no? Incidentally, the design is registered and patent-pending.

antoniolupi presenta STRAPPO_immagine_20111201145659

—Alice Liao

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