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Mar 29 2012

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Architectural Digest Home Design Show: Part 2

A morning meeting with Ann Sacks today just confirmed one of the things I enjoy about being in the kitchen and bath industry, which is seeing new surfacing and tile products. Sounds a little geeky, right? But it’s true. Ann Sacks has some incredible products it will be showing at KBIS, and as soon as I get my hands on some images, I’ll post them, because they’re so very lovely.

In the meantime, I wanted to post some more photos I took at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show. First up is Artistic Tile, whose booth had much to ogle. Interestingly, some of what I saw ties up quite nicely with the products I saw this morning in terms of trends. Metallics and mirrored looks seem to be acquiring a bit of a following and are a elegant way to add excitement for those who are still color shy. Besides, there’s something rather honest and substantial about contrasts in materials and finish; no doubt they’re also much more enduring in appeal. The first image shows a metal and glass design and the second is of mirrored glass series.

Texture, as we have been hearing for while now, is still quite prevalent and offers yet another strategy for spicing up a kitchen or bath with a muted color palette.

A company I didn’t know prior to the show, Manhattan Forest Products showed some beautiful wood options, all reclaimed from local historic buildings and landmarks, such as the Coney Island Boardwalk and factories in Brooklyn, or old barns and houses in Appalachia.

The show had little in the way of plumbing, but this kitchen faucet caught my eye because I usually associate Franke with more streamlined contemporary designs, but that’s just me being ignorant. This one has a transitional bent, which will no doubt appeal to the U.S. market. Available in chrome, Old World bronze, polished nickel and satin nickel, the line also includes a faucet with a more traditional-style spout, as well as coordinating potfillers and a soap dispenser.

These last few images aren’t kitchen- or bath-related, but are of products that make a show like this interesting and fun—so much so that I toyed with the idea of driving into the city over the weekend and spending another day looking at the non-k-and-b booths (but I didn’t). The first two show furniture by Bart Niswonger and the last shows some bird decoration that I happened to see on my way out.

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  1.  Krista Rivers |

    Alice, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog on the AD Show – thanks for mentioning Franke!