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Mar 08 2011

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Are you overlooking the single demographic?

I’ve been musing lately about the “traditional family” home and how so much of the real estate focus is on family lifestyle…yet my actual design demographic is split right down the middle between families and couples/singles.

Is this a trend? It might be. I’m single so my focus might be skewed. However, in the past few years, I’ve designed more kitchens than ever for singles. Whether the person is an empty nester, an up-and-coming professional, or a successful professional of any age, they all have both the wish list and desire to personalize their kitchens—and have the funds to do so.

What I have noticed is that their wish lists can vary slightly from your typical family-of-four-or-greater household. While many of my singles like to cook, they cook pretty basic items during their busy work week. After all, when a typical recipe can feed 4-8 people, there’s only so much one can freeze (and eat). Big-spread cooking is usually done on the weekends or reserved for when family and friends visit. During the week, it’s pretty simple stove top and microwave.

Yet they like the fittings as much as any family—and sometimes even more so—and they’re definitely open to better quality, designer-oriented materials. Part of the reason is they don’t need to worry about the safety factor—small fingers getting burned on the super-heated gas grills or careless knife cuts on their new countertops or selecting a certain product for its spill guard protection rather than its looks—and that can make it fun. They’re open to the glass cabinets with sliding features and the specialty lighting and whatever else you think that will tickle their fancy.

All they ask in return is to be looked after, which is no different than any other client, but if you’ve ever seen a single older person cautiously walk into your showroom like she or he was heading to the lions, you’ll understand what I mean. Just whatever you do, don’t assume when that their significant other or family is right behind them.

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