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Feb 03 2012

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Better than leftovers: Antolini Luigi

I wanted to share some product images from Italian stone company Anotlini Luigi. They’re “leftovers” from the January/February issue of K+BB Magazine, which will publish some time in the next two weeks and include one of the company’s offerings in the What’s Cool Everywhere Else section. (Here’s a link to the section in the last issue, which had a green focus.)

To call Antolini Luigi a stone company is to gloss over what it does, which is to produce coolly intricate and elegant decorative patterned stone surfaces, such as those in its Natura Collection. The motifs range from butterflies

Papilio Design by Alessandro La Spada
and snakes (shown on Bronze Armani marble)

Bronze Amani Snake Design_hi
to leaves

Grey Soapstone Lev Forest Design_2 (low)
and more geometric designs (in gleaming gold, no less).

Antolini Nero Assoluto - Wave Gold design 6low
For 2012, the company has expanded its Precioustone collection, which includes Preciousgold, Preciousglitter and Preciousilver. Unfortunately, I don’t have any images of the new additions, but I do have this:

Antolini Precious Stone_FLM2131 (2)

Wow, it’s just like my house… no, not really.

—Alice Liao

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