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May 10 2011

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Big effort, small results? Here’s why…

If you’re working too hard these days, you’re not working smart.

Working too much for too little? That could mean you…

+ Waste your time. You’re “busy,” but you’re not profitable.

+ Give away your time. You don’t bill for all of your time, all of the time.

+ Charge too little. You don’t attach enough value to what you do.

+ Look for love in all the wrong places. You work with clients who can’t afford to pay what you need to earn.

+ Don’t know your business. You’re unaware of what brings in the most money.

+ Don’t control your business. You’re more apt to play “Let’s Make a Deal” than say: “This is how I charge.”

+ Don’t delegate. You don’t call on others to do what’s too menial—or too difficult—for you.

+ Don’t “maximize” appointments. You’re sacrificing income by not asking enough upselling questions.

How to work less and earn more this summer is a theme of the May 17 free tele-seminar entitled: “Summer Survival Strategies: 10 Ways to Boost Your Business by September.”

Presenting this program with me will be Gail Doby, the cofounder of Design Success University.

Have you signed up yet?

If not, click here for more information and registration details.

Fred Berns trains interior design professionals worldwide on how to maximize profits.

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