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Aug 13 2015

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Breaking a Rule in Kitchen Design



A smallish kitchen floor plan made it challenging to include usable storage space along with the sink, dishwasher, double ovens and refrigerator along a single wall. To overcome this challenge, Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath designer Meghan Browne broke the basic rule of centering the sink under the window and instead located it flush with the right edge of the window. This resulted in ample storage to the left of the sink, and keeping the faucet centered under the window creates the illusion of a center sink when looking at it from afar.


“We gained one large drawer base to the left of the sink, which is perfect for nesting bowls, pots and pans or even small appliance storage,” said Browne. “If we centered the sink, we would be forced to have two smaller cabinets on either side of the sink, which isn’t useful for storing large items. If we went with two cabinets vs. one, we would automatically loose a few inches from the additional cabinet sides and drawer slides. In small kitchens, every inch counts!”

This arrangement also allowed for more countertop space next to the refrigerator/freezer for loading groceries, putting away leftovers and prepping food.

Even Flow

Traffic flow was also improved in this renovation by removing the wall separating the kitchen from the family room, which allowed natural light to visually extend both rooms, and adding an additional doorway to the dining room.


“Instead of a bottleneck of traffic in one doorway to and from the kitchen, there are now multiple points of entry,” said Browne. “Imagine hosting Thanksgiving dinner, and the only way in and out of the kitchen is through one 32-in. doorway! The cook has direct access to the dining room without getting in the way of those mingling on the other side of the island.”

Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath
Contractor: Paul Lappas
Photographer: Bob Narod

Cabinetry: Décor Cabinets
Cooktop & Downdraft: Miele
Dishwasher: Bosch
Oven/Speed Oven: Miele
Pendants: Layla Grace
Refrigerator/Freezer: Sub-Zero
Tile: Architectural Ceramics


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