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Jul 28 2010

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By appointment only

Closing the studio to walk-in traffic

After being open to the public in our Simsbury, CT, location (about 1,000 square feet on a beautiful backwater thoroughfare) for 18 months, I am changing to an “Appointment Only” format.

It is unbelievable, when your OPEN flag is out, how many snake oil salesmen, fund raisers, advertising reps, tire kickers and SPIES come in everyday and try to throw you OFF your course, and ONTO theirs. “Oh, wait a minute, I wasn’t doing anything important, let me DROP what I was doing, and see if you can coax some money out of my checkbook, and/or waste MY time on what YOU want me to do?” No Thanks, I’m all set!

I further noticed that while I was out supervising projects and working on jobs, the office person, who cost a lot of money to keep there with lights and heat/AC on, was prepping folks for them and sooner or later I would meet them and have to start all over by introducing myself.

All that was an issue, but this was the worst. You’re talking to a couple about their wants, needs and dreams, and someone waltzes in unannounced, wrecks the concentration, and you lose them both.

With the door locked and a valuable person who bothered to call and make an appointment in front of you alone, you can focus on THEM, and spend all the time you need to help them make decisions and ask questions and be comfortable taking the information in at their own speed.

It’s fun every now and then to look out the window and see, after encountering a locked door, the snake oil being loaded back into the trunk and watch the thing drive away as you close your happy client on decision after decision. I don’t miss walk-ins at all.

In my humble opinion,

Mark Brady

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  1.  Kathy |

    Perhaps you can have an “open house” day once a month where the studio is open to anyone and use it as a networking opportunity rather than trying to pick up specific jobs. Wine and cheese day! Gives potential customers a chance to see what you are about and it won’t interrupt the real work that need to be done every day.

  2.  duquellatile |

    We are not open to the public and have also found it helpful to focus on the client present and also our tile work. Now if we could stop the snake oil salesmen who think that the phone is their entry to our studio!

  3.  markbrady |

    Kathy …That’s a great idea! Thankyou

  4.  markbrady |

    A long time ago someone told me “don’t ever answer the phone” just let them leave a message and call them right back if you want to, and take just a few minutes to prepare yourself for what they said they were looking for. Might slow down the junk call time. Thanks Mark