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Mar 02 2010

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Hello from the Kitchen Sync

Hello everyone!  My name is Kelly Morisseau, and I have to say I’m delighted to be included in KBBonline’s new endeavor.

I’m a Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer and a Certified Interior Designer who grew up in the kitchen and bath business. I’m originally from Canada’s West Coast, and moved to Silicon Valley a decade ago before finally settling in the Bay Area. (This provides me with a dual-country perspective and a rather odd accent.)

Thanks to my designer parents, I was brought up with the Golden Rule(r): If I didn’t know how my designs could be built or installed, then I wasn’t allowed to design them, and the excellent contractors and trades we worked with over the years made it stick. Hence, my thoughts tend to veer to the practical, everyday side of design, which you’ll see both here and on my design blog, Kitchen Sync.

I’m not entirely sure what I’ll talk about, but after 25 years of design, I can guarantee it’ll be eclectic. I’ve been exploring social media for a while now, which has some great benefits for you. I’m fascinated by the generational studies and what it means to us in residential design. I had a short career in television, so perhaps we might talk about crafting sound bites. On the design front, I’m sometimes excited by big design concepts, and other times, can’t accept avocado as anything but food.

So I appreciate you stopping by, and look forward to some interesting discussion together!