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Nov 02 2011

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Changing wood colors? No problem

If you’ve ever designed with cherry or lyptus or any of the woods that undergo a rapid color change after they’re installed in the home, you know we have a couple of challenges.

One is educating the customer that we’re designing their color choices for the woods after they change and cautioning them that until the doors and trim age, all the colors won’t look exactly right.

The second is dealing with exactly what color of wood putty we need to fill holes—do we match the color now with the understanding that it won’t match down the road? Or do we guess what the color will be down the road and warn the client now that the putty won’t match at the beginning?

I prefer the latter, but it does take some skill to know what the color will be. If the installer is experienced, there are no worries. If not, then consider this tip:

Always keep two samples of a door, one new and one a couple of years old, especially if it is in a wood that changes color. Send the older door out to the job site for the installer to color-match the putty during installation.

Of course, there will always be slight variations, but I thank our own cabinet installer, who has extensive experience in wood installations, who suggested this tip to me a while back.

Until next time, Kelly

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