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Dec 18 2017

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Coloring the Farmhouse Look

Growing up, I spent most of my childhood riding horses and climbing trees. When I went to college in Athens, Ga., I could leave town and in 15 minutes be in rural country. So even before the farmhouse look was in, I was totally on board.

Waco, Texas-based designer and HGTV host Joanna Gaines is often credited with spearheading this style. She is known for creating family-friendly and open spaces with touches of rusticity and charm.

Recently, KBB spoke with her about 2018 trends, particularly color and how this will play into the farmhouse look.

Why Neutrals
Gaines: The neutral trend remains popular, with whites, beiges and grays popping up everywhere – from Instagram and Pinterest to design magazines and home décor shows like “High Point.” Both consumers and designers gravitate toward these colors because they’re versatile, timeless and easy to design around.

                      Credit: Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines™ 

New Trends
Gaines: Moving into 2018, I think we will see two trends push to the forefront. Classic neutrals will move from transparent whites to creamy hues designed to bring warmth to a space. That being said, 2018 will also give bold pops of color their time to shine! From muted pastels to natural earth tones and even inky blues, we anticipate classic hues will be paired with bright accent choices, enriching any space in the home.

Trends in the Kitchen
Gaines: Paint is one of the easiest and most budget-friendly ways to update a space. The kitchen is the heart of every home, making it one of the most important spaces to find a hue that your client’s family will love. We’ve been using a lot of Blackboard, a dark black with hints of deep blue from my Magnolia Home collection, which is perfect for shiplap or cabinetry in the kitchen and pairs well with both neutral accents or bold pops of color.

                  Credit: Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines™ 

Trends in the Bathroom
Gaines: For bathrooms, keeping things simple is so important, and muted pastels are an ideal color scheme. Delicate, misty blues, pinks and yellows evoke a comfortable feeling when paired with warm neutrals featured in tiles and countertops. I love It Is Well, a sky blue muted with shades of gray, or Rainy Days, a powder blue with an overcast tint of gray, for a bathroom. Paired with shiplap, one of my favorites, as an accent for trim or cabinetry, these colors add a soft touch to the bathroom.                        Credit: Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines™ 

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