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Nov 18 2016

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Cooking for a Crowd

In recognition of the upcoming holiday, this week’s KBTribeChat discussion covered planning, cooking and cleaning up for a feast. KBB tuned into this Twitter chat co-hosted by Whirlpool and KitchenAid to find out industry experts’ tips for pulling off a successful Thanksgiving.

1.    What kitchen features help you prepare the perfect Thanksgiving meal?
•    A sink with a divider for organizing cleanup
•    The convection oven for the perfect roast
•    Food processor for dicing and slicing
•    Samsung Flex Duo Slide-in Range with Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can monitor your food and entertain simultaneously
•    A traditional pot filler – it saves so much time!
•    Having a diversity in cooktop heating for all our special dishes
•    A warming drawer for keeping food and plates warm
•    KBB: Grandma’s old roasting pan for the perfect turkey!
samsung_range        The Samsung Flex Duo Slide-in Range with Wi-Fi connectivity

2.    What’s the best type of kitchen layout for interacting with guests?
•    A kitchen with an open plan and an island
•    Islands are perfect for food prep and provide an open space for guests to chat with the chef.
•    Island counter = barrier to the work zone
•    An open, thoughtful design and a place for guests out of the way of the work area
•    Large or small, open or closed off, it’s all about who you celebrate with! (We agree!)

ALNO_CreditElementImage                  Designer: ALNO Miami, Credit: Element Image

3.    How do you find space for cooking and storing multiple dishes?
•    If you live somewhere cold, just put it outside!
•    Move your fridge shelves around to create extra space.
•    A foil-lined cooler
•    Do a dry run and make sure all the pots fit in the fridge and oven.
•    Deep drawers and tall wall cabinets free up counter space.
•    Space-saving appliances, like the compact oven from KitchenAid
•    KBB: Share refrigerators with your neighbor!

kitchenaid_compactoven                                           KitchenAid’s Compact Oven

4.    Quick cleaning solutions? Go!
•    Scrape, don’t rinse.
•    Clean as you go.
•    For stainless steel appliances, spray some white vinegar and rub messes off with a paper towel in the direction of the grain.
•    Start with fingerprint-resistant surfaces, like the 36-inch Wide French Door refrigerator from Whirlpool.
•    Make the kids do it!
•    Have an assembly-line approach with a table clearer, a washer, dryer and put-a-wayer.
•    KBB: Make it a team effort, and chat while you go.

whirlpool                 The 36-inch Wide French Door refrigerator from Whirlpool

5.    Where do you find Thanksgiving recipe inspiration?
•    Pinterest is a given.
•    The KitchenAid blog (http://blog.kitchenaid.com/holiday-entertaining-made-simple/)
•    Family recipes are our favorite thing about the holidays; sometimes I update them and sometimes they’re perfect just as they are.
•    The best recipes are handed down from generation to generation. That’s what makes the meal special and nostalgic.
•    Great inspiration at the CIA culinary blog: (http://blog.ciachef.edu/category/recipes-and-techniques/)
•    KBB: Just bringing in new friends and family starts new traditions.

Join KBTribeChat on Wednesday, Nov. 23 at 2 p.m. EST by searching for #KBTribeChat on Twitter. Until next time, Happy Thanksgiving from the staff at Kitchen and Bath Business!

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