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Jun 21 2012

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Cooling it in the bathroom

Ever wonder if the cream you’ve been keeping in your medicine cabinet is still safe to put on your face? At KBIS a few years ago, Robern offered up an answer to this dilemma with its M Series medicine cabinet with cold storage. The inclusion of a refrigerated compartment seemed a simple and elegant way to preserve beauty products, medication and other items that are commonly kept in bathrooms but don’t tolerate heat and humidity well.

Since then, the need for refrigeration in the bathroom seems to have grown, especially as more consumers elect to go organic and natural with their beauty and personal care products (in fact, according to Kline & Co., the market for these products grew by 11.9 percent in 2010).

To ensure their safekeeping, Perlick has introduced 15-inch Refrigerated Beauty Drawers, which incorporate a quiet 700-Btu compressor and the company’s RAPIDcool technology. The unit measures 15 in. x 24 in. x 34 1/4 in., can be outfitted with a wood overlay, comes with commercial-grade stainless steel interiors and is Energy Star-qualified.

Install one of these and take the worry out of being a natural beauty…

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