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Mar 23 2015

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Dads Gain More Respect with Regard to Home Design

Image from marin, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image from marin, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Steve Kleber of Kleber and Associates, an Atlanta-based home brands specialist and marketing data company, says it just makes good business sense to pay attention to how homes and families are depicted in advertising, in pop culture, in the movies and on TV. His company conducts studies and plumbs research to more effectively market home-related products. Its data found that men are more involved than ever in home design and making appliance choices.

This renewed respect for and spotlight on fathers has ramifications for all areas of the home. The more casual, active lifestyles of families today have dad not only grilling outdoors, but also in the kitchen. With workout spaces in the home becoming more prevalent, men are also making design decisions for the bathroom, favoring multi-head showers and other high-tech features.

According to a study by the NPD Group, a retail and marketing data company, not only is the number of men involved in cooking and cuisine at a historical high, but today’s men “covet mixers, toasters and gourmet appliances just as much as navigation systems, mobile phones and audio components.”

Men are no longer relegated to man caves – the dark recesses of the basement (unless it’s converted into a world-class home theater) – but are actively enjoying the whole house. The modern dad also finds time to coach his child’s soccer or softball team, attend parent-teacher conferences, carve out a space for a home office and install a fully equipped outdoor kitchen with fireplace on the terrace – all with one hand tied behind his back. Just kidding; one project at a time.

The message is clear: Men matter – whether married or single, with or without children. Their decisions include all facets of lifestyle products and services for the entire home.

Hold on…it’s Manwich time!

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