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Jan 04 2012

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De-clutter your home in 2012

So it’s a new year and maybe one of your resolutions is to eliminate clutter and be better organized. If so, Italian radiator manufacturer Brandoni may just have the solution for you.

Introduced at Cersaie 2011, its Allday radiator doubles as a peg board for hanging towels, bathrobes and other bathroom items. If installed outside the bathroom, say, in an entrance hall—as mentioned in the press release—it can be used to keep keys, a helmet or clothing within easy reach. The system features an aluminum plate punctured with holes for inserting magentized pins.

If Allday isn’t quite your thing or seems a little out there, Duravit’s OpenSpace should make plenty of sense, especially to those of you who are short on, well, space. Shown at ISH 2011, the shower enclosure made its U.S. debut during Duravit’s Design Week last October and was designed by Viennese design firm EOOS.

In case the following images are unclear, OpenSpace consists of a chrome frame and two doors, each of which is equipped with 8-mm-thick safety glass. When the shower is not in use, the doors can be folded back into the frame and out of the way. The enclosure is designed to accommodate wall unevenness of up to 18 mm and can be used with tiled floors as well as Duravit’s DuraPlan shower trays. It is available in a clear and a mirrored finish; with the latter, the door also acts as a full-length mirror.

Duravit Space Saver

—Alice Liao

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