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Mar 12 2010

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Dear Kitchen Blogosphere:

Well, here we are March 12, 2010 and where are we? Well we’re right here. We got here sometimes by leaps and most of the time 1/16th of an inch steps. Some stuff we do is great and innovative and quality, and some is just cost-efficient, low-quality junk.

Today I’d like to pick a fight with whomever is designing or not designing the wheels and leveling systems of refrigerators. Some unbelievably heavy machines have no wheels at all! Dumb, very dumb. Some/most have wheels, but lately they seem to be VERY HARD, short and flat with sharp edges. And they dent the living heck out of floors when you roll them in and out. Not to mention that you have to lock the box in place to keep it from rolling out each time you open it! And who the heck designs these methods for leveling the boxes. There seems to be as many ways for leveling as there are boxes. I wish somebody would come out into the field and try carrying these things into homes and up the stairs. Then try installing them, get some religion, and then go back and correct some of these things.

We have floors to save here, some while we’re building and installing the kitchen and some to save from the owners using the machines over the years. Some of you have it figured out well, and some not at all. If I have problems in this area—or other areas like it—with an appliance, as a designer/consultant, I just thumb my nose at that appliance on the way by and the sale is off.

Like a gas station killing, it’s competition by having and boasting about the cleanest restrooms on earth, Appliance companies could make a lot of friends in the industry by improving this nasty little area. I don’t know too many installers or delivery guys who will articulate this to manufacturers, so let me do it for them! Get down there and grease those areas to make them a “breeze” to move and level up!

Let’s roll!

Mark Brady

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