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Mar 26 2017

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Designing a Future Kitchen

The future of the smart home might start with the kitchen. With elements like Wi-Fi-connected appliances, intelligent food devices and new cooking methods, the kitchen has a lot of potential in the tech world. But even with all of the technology, a new kitchen still has to take into account finishes and materials that will stay on trend for years to come.

One design firm in San Francisco took these ideas into account in a recent kitchen project. KBB magazine spoke with the designer, I-Ching Ueng, senior designer and studio manager of Poggenpohl San Francisco, to find out more.

KBB: What were the client’s requirements?
Ueng: The client was interested in materials that could stand up to daily use, were warm and inviting and also timeless. Some finishes can be too trendy; in five years you can get tired of certain finishes. We tried to select finishes that would not become an issue in five years.

KBB: What were you challenged by and what were your solutions?
Ueng: For me, it was challenging to come up with a design for a kitchen that was large and in the center of house. It was hard to fill that volume and also not take away from the fine architectural details of the site. We want to step out but not distract from the detail.

KBB: Describe your design for the island.
Ueng: The waterfall counter ties in with the minimalism and modern look of the home – while the easy-to-maintain wood finish underneath grounds it and adds storage and functionality.

KBB: Are there any high-tech features in this kitchen?
Ueng: Beyond the handle-less cabinets that are touch to open, a series of Gaggenau appliances is featured throughout – from a wine storage unit to a coffee center. These high-end appliances offer cutting-edge technology. It’s a true chef’s kitchen.

KBB: What was your favorite part of this project?
Ueng: This was a dream kitchen that was done for future owners unknown. It was fun to work with the client to design a kitchen of the future where potential owners could come back to us and customize further for their personal needs.

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