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Jul 08 2010

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Do million-dollar marketing on a shoestring budget

If you’re spending big money on marketing, you’re probably wasting it. It doesn’t take much to take the “price” out of your promotion.

Effective, easy, economical: smart marketing is all that and more.

According to the Big Splash, Little Cash Marketing Manual, you can do the following for $150 or less…

+ Add a marketing message to your voice mail
+ Add a marketing “signature” to your email
+ Create profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networking sites
+ Send out a news release
+ Send out an article
+ Distribute a blog, newsletter or ezine
+ Become a media “source” who gets quoted often
+ Convince a local TV station to do a feature on you
+ Distribute a bio sheet
+ Distribute a product and service list
+ Present a seminar
+ Present an adult education class
+ Get marketing support from vendors and suppliers
+ Create a joint marketing plan with an allied professional
+ Distribute cards at home or trade shows
+ Conduct a focus group of high end clients
+ Ask clients to do introductory calls and letters
+ Hire a student to make your web site user-friendly
+ Create a feedback form
+ Ask ex-clients for additional business and referrals
+ Add a promotional note to invoices, contracts and other business forms

Fred Berns coaches design professionals on how to dramatically increase sales and promote themselves more effectively. For his free report on how to Supersize Your Sales in Challenging Economic Times visit http://www.fredforfree.com.

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