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Apr 30 2017

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Dream Clean

Bosch introduces a new dishwasher line designed to simplify kitchen cleanup through an array of features, including the new MyWay rack.

This week’s #KBTribeChat covered dishwashers – everything from the new high-tech features to the logistics of what consumers really want. My husband is a bit of an expert when it comes to dishwashers (he works for a company that sells and services commercial appliances), so I asked him what he thought of them.

“Everything collapses in a restaurant when the dishwasher is down,” he explained, adding that a recent problem with one of his client’s dishwashers kept most of the restaurant staff working all night to get the kitchen in order until the right parts came in. “Without it, the whole system stops working.”
It’s just the same in a home. When a family learns to rely on a dishwasher, it can either alleviate a lot of stress or cause a lot of frustration. At this week’s KBTribeChat, we learned several tips and tricks to making dishwasher use for your clients even easier.

1. Look for a pre-steam function, which will loosen food particles before the wash starts. GE Appliances offers this function in its newest line.

2. Help the dishwasher do its job by checking the filter every other month.

3. Scrape – don’t rinse. You of course don’t want big food particles on your plates, but you’ll get a much better clean with detergent if there is some leftover residue.

4. Fresh detergent is key. Old detergent may not dissolve and will leave a gritty residue.

5. Try a connected dishwasher, which can notify the user when the cycle is done.

What complaints and praises do your clients have for their dishwashers? What are they looking for in one? Let us know on our Facebook page, on Twitter @kbbonline and Instagram @Kbb_Magazine. Join KBTribeChat next Wednesday at 2 p.m. EST by looking for #KBTribeChat on Twitter.

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