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Feb 01 2013

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DuPont unveils new colors for 2013


By Alice Liao

Is the way to an editor’s heart through her stomach? Maybe. DuPont recently held a luncheon at its Corian Design Studio in New York City to introduce color trends for 2013 and the newest additions to its Corian and Zodiaq quartz lines.

The food was, of course, delicious and highly theatrical in its presentation. All six courses were prepared and served by A Razor, A Shiny Knife on dinnerware with decorative accessories to evoke the trends being discussed by Mark Goodman, president of Color Marketing Group; also on hand was Elizabeth Lawson, strategic project manager for DuPont Building Innovations.

Tablecloths were whipped away, server outfits were swapped and vapors, vegetation, vases and other visual flourishes were paraded in and out with each Corian color grouping, of which there were three: Solidify, Interference and Raw.

Solidify, a cool, almost chilly palette, draws from changing weather patterns, ice patterns, porous materials and the power of water and wind. It reflects the continuing strength of gray.


Interference is influenced by rare earth materials, incorporating bits of shimmer and warm metallics.


DBI_Corian_Color Chip_Desert
DBI_Corian_Color Chip_Pebble

Raw is the palette of eternal spring, rediscovery and calm. Woodman also talked about the need for authenticity and a respect for natural materials. Actually, these two would make attractive countertops.


DBI_Corian_Color Chip_Sea Foam

Following are some photos from the event:

DBI_Corian_Color Chip_Whipped Cream

Want more? Check out additional images on DuPont Corian’s Facebook page.

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