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Mar 24 2011

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Enkeboll’s Art Nouveau Line

For those of you who are looking for some Art Nouveau detailing for your projects, Enkeboll’s Art Nouveau line has some nice pieces to consider.

Enkeboll_Art Nouveau

Define your raised bar or fireplace leg: Art Nouveau Base, 8 in. wide, 42 in. high and 4 in. diameter

Enkeboll debuted these some time ago, but I’m pointing them out now because I’ve been noticing a quiet emergence of this style. Whether designers and manufacturers are calling it “Art Nouveau” or “Beaux Arts” or “turn-of-the-century,” it’s slowly appearing in everything from design competitions to furniture. Some might say it’s in direct opposition to contemporary, but the two can work together surprisingly well together (depending on the style of contemporary, of course).

Enkeboll_Art Nouveau1

Add some splash to a filler or box end: small rosette, 3 1/2 in. wide and 5 in. high

Enkeboll_Art Nouveau2
A decorative panel instead of glass: Art Nouveau panel, 18 in. wide and 28 in. high

These aren’t the pieces that shout “focal point” to me; with the exception of the decorative panel, they’re meant to layer and accent whatever styling you choose.

Enkeboll_Art Nouveau3
Define your bar overhangs and your furniture pieces: Pierced narrow corbel, 8 1/4 in. diameter and 12 in. high

They’re available in standard wood species (red oak, cherry, alder, and maple), as well as specialty woods, such as black walnut or mahogany.
Find them at www.enkeboll.com under “Showcase” and “Collections.”

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