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Apr 20 2012

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Eurocucina 2012: Just images

Even if you’ve been to Eurocucina once before, as I have back in 2006, the show can still be overwhelming. I think the trick is to go to each and every one—which means every other year—to get a better sense of the evolution of trends. Otherwise, after seeing a gazillion beautifully presented kitchens, fondling their countertops and opening their cabinet doors and drawers, your vision and your memory get a little blurry and you’re still not sure what it is you saw.

First, you must understand that the show is huge. Even though regulars, such as Maxine Laauer, founder and CEO of Sphere Trending—with whom I had the great pleasure of having dinner on my first night in Milan—noted that many of the companies have reduced their booth size this year, Eurocucina still occupied four halls. And because the majority of the floor space is dedicated to cabinet manufacturers, the booths each house multiple fully appointed vignettes, which means there is a lot to look at, touch and feel. One moment you could be marveling at the finish on a cabinet door or wondering if a cool texture on a countertop might be a pain to clean and the next you’re distracted by a cluster of pendants made from—whoa!—odd-sized pots and pans

or by the dozens of brown eggs artistically placed in the center of a dining table or the fleet of cute birdhouses adorning the entrance to a booth or the super-tall ladders being used as a towel rack.

And then there was all the greenery displayed throughout the show, be it in pots placed on a shelf or in the rear of a countertop or in oversized planters and more inspirational arrangements to lend the booth a more back-to-nature feel.

In fact, Mother Nature seemed to be enjoying a fair bit of attention and celebration at the show but perhaps this is but a continuation from the last edition of Eurocucina. Regardless, one could boil this love down to two messages: Respect nature because its resources are limited and therefore precious, and, well, respect nature because it is good, healthful and wholesome.

Hopefully after some time, I’ll be better able to process all the images in my head and on the press CDs I collected and come up with a coherent article. In the meantime, here are some photos I snapped on the show floor. I apologize for them being so out of order (there are two albums—one for April 18 and another for April 19).

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