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Feb 14 2013

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Expand your business with dressing rooms

Did you see the Wall Street Journal article about Opulent Closets? If you haven’t read you should check it out.

I learned that closet spending is up and they aren’t called closets any more. They are “dressing rooms.” I think the article is encouraging news. While I suspect the average designer is not going to land $50,000 remodeling projects for a single dressing room, knowing that there is interest in this new trophy room can increase sales.

So if a potential client walks into your showroom or calls you on the phone asking for a new Master Closet do you have product to show them?

—Do you have jewelry accessories or know anything about watch winders?

—Do you have examples of LED lighting or lighted clothes rods that illuminate the garments hanging below?

—Can you discuss UV protection on widows to keep clothes from fading or how to integrate the A/V components and Security system?


Winona Solutions + Light


October Company

Ann Porter

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