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Feb 13 2015

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Expert’s Tips for a Trendy, Timeless Kitchen

Nathan Fischer is the owner and principle designer for Stiles Fisher Interior Design of Laguna Beach, a coastal California design and decorating firm that specializes in mixing classic and modern styles. He has more than 11 years of experience in the industry and was a recent winner of HGTV’s “Showcase Showdown.”

True to his expertise, Fischer’s February tips use balanced, neutral shades to encourage homeowners to mix both traditional and current trends for a cohesive look that fits in homes across the country. Below are his recommendations to incorporate the trends of the season while still maintaining a room with timeless appeal.


Make A Splash. Take your backsplash all the way from the counters to the base of the cabinets (and beyond if space permits) to achieve a designer look.

Opposites Attract. An island in a contrasting hue is a great way to bring in more color. Graphic details like those on the front of this island add visual interest to a clean, simple palette.

Tall Order. Adjustable barstools are a great solution when people of different ages and heights are using the kitchen on a regular basis.

Light It Up. Placing pendant lights over an island helps to ground a kitchen and adds both task and ambient lighting.

Minimalist Approach. Maximize usable space and create a sleek, modern feel by minimizing countertop décor and accessories.

Strictly Square. For a clean and modern kitchen, choose squared countertop edges over rounded or sloped edges, which are more traditional.

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