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Feb 21 2011

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Fashion Week with Brizo faucets and Jason Wu

Although I have lived in New York for years and plan to continue that happy state for many more, Fashion Week will never be the same!

Brizo faucets invited me and 19 other kitchen and interior designers and architects from all over the U.S. and Canada to be their guests at a three-day fashion week celebration, all expenses paid and a complimentary kitchen faucet to boot.

Brizo faucets’ philosophy of faucet design as fashion design is underscored in their partnership with fashion designer Jason Wu. Since 2006 Brizo has sponsored Jason’s shows at New York Fashion Week. Jason has also designed dresses used in Brizo advertising.

Prior to the runway show, Judd Lord, who is Brizo’s Director of Industrial Design, gave us a virtual tour of their design facilities and an introduction to some of what inspires their design team. The impressive list included architecture, nature and the female form (on a side note, Mr. Lord has quite a twinkle in his eye).

These inspirations are readily identifiable in the beautiful architectural designs and flowing lines of Brizo’s latest faucet collection, especially the beautiful Virage and shapely RSVP.

Virage Brushed Nickel

Every minute of this three-day treat was exciting, but the brightest highlight was certainly the Jason Wu runway show! Jason Wu’s designs are nothing short of elegant in every way. It was a fabulous and memorable experience. (All photos: Jayme Thornton)

RK_Jason Wu1
RK_Jason Wu2
RK_Jason Wu3
RK_Jason Wu5
RK_Jason Wu6
K9 Jason Wu with the Press after the show Interview
We were invited to the glamorous after-party where Jason Wu answered our questions about what inspires him personally and professionally. Jason Wu is a soft spoken and gracious man. He listed other designers and architecture, nature and basically the world around him as his inspirations. He even laughingly told us of a skirt from last years collection that was inspired by a special pasta dish with shaved truffles. Frankly, I don’t think truffles have ever looked this good.

RK_Jason Wu4

Roberta Kravette

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  1.  Lori Gilder |

    Loved the post Roberta! It makes me want to re-live it all again.

    Hope to see you soon. Lori

  2.  jb @BuildingMoxie |

    so interesting how we each picked up on different details. truffles & well, the twinkle in the eye. had to chuckle. Love it, my friend. jb

  3.  Nick @ Cupboards |

    Was an absolute treat meeting you, Roberta- great recap and look forward to seeing you again soon!

  4.  Roberta |

    Glad you like the post Lori, JB and Nick. Miss you all and hope to share more fashionable and exciting times together!