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Jul 20 2010

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Firing up your inspiration

We’re in the frustrating period of the climb out of recession—not busy enough to hire, but client-busy-enough that the remaining staff is working some very long hours, which leave little room for inspiration. Tiredness, yes. Inspiration, no.

So I’m curious—what fires your enthusiasm and inspiration right now?

For me, online interaction has been pretty inspiring. Where I once turned to trade journals or design books for the latest news, I now link to an entire far-reaching group online—everyone from carpenters to architects to furniture makers to writers to manufacturers—all sharing what inspires them and discussing new applications. I can’t believe not only how much I’ve learned, but also how many great people are out there.

Our design assistant has also been a real boost. She’s been out of school for a couple of years, and her enthusiasm and zest when she sees something new are, well, contagious. I like to hear her thoughts on assembling a project and what inspires her. (Her answer: “Everything.”) I don’t ever remember being excited about everything. Was it really so long ago that I had that type of enthusiasm? In any case, it’s refreshing to have the reminder.

I’ve also attended more meetings this year—a bit tougher when all I want to do is put my aching feet up at the end of the day, but the topics usually provide food for thought, and I enjoy talking shop with my peers. I’m planning on attending KBIS next year and can’t wait. KBIS gets me all fired up every time, even if there isn’t a breakout manufacturer or product. I love seeing the designs, meeting up with old friends and discussing how we’ll incorporate the future into our present designs.

I’ve heard that taking vacations is also important for inspiration, but what do I know? I’m a card-carrying workaholic, so I clearly need to practice this one. Like some of you, I’m waiting until the economy recovers, so that by the time we’re going full-bore, I’ll be properly inspired. (Maybe I’d better work on this one.)

What’s your inspiration?

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