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May 04 2011

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Flying off the handle

If I took anything away from this year’s KBIS, it’s that geometric shapes, nature, and textures continue to dominate kitchen and bath design – especially when it comes to cabinet hardware.

Some of my favorites included the clean lines of Hafele…

Apologies for the slightly blurry shot – Hafele’s minimalistic look.
…to the thoughtful detailing and textures from Berensen Corp….

Berenson Corp. Samplicity® — their newest line features waves and stylized butterfly designs.

…to a third option from Atlas Homewares who took advantage of combining both architectural lines with inner texture and designs:

Top 3 rows: the Asian-inspired Nobu. Bottom rows: the 1960s-inspired Primitive line.

My overall impression is of a faint return to the lines of Art Deco, even if the manufacturers didn’t note it themselves. What do you think? Do any of these inspire you?

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  1.  HafeleAmerica |

    Thanks for mentioning us in your KBIS coverage.

  2.  TBabij/Berenson |

    Hi Kelly,

    It is great to read your positive comments on what you encountered at KBIS. We were happy to be able to show our new introductions that will be available later this year. KBIS is a great place to connect to the Professionals who specify and use decorative hardware as the Jewelry to finish off their designs. Decorative hardware can provide a way to personal expression and we take great joy trying to provide unique ways of doing this.