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May 01 2016

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Freshen Up a Breakfast Nook


Christopher Grubb of Arch-Interiors Design Group in Beverly Hills, Calif., has come up with some tips that designers can suggest to their clients – or can even use themselves – to freshen up and improve the look and feel of their home easily and cost efficiently.

The following are this month’s tips for freshening up the breakfast nook:

– Reduce the number of appliances kept on the counter. An appliance garage or dedicated cabinet is the perfect place to tuck them away.

– Install/grow an indoor herb garden to bring nature inside and provide fresh herbs for cooking.

– Slipcover a wood chair, or recover/slipcover an upholstered one for an updated look.

– Paint or re-stain a wooden table and chair set.

– Clear visual clutter by removing everything on top or stuck to the refrigerator. With kids’ artwork, keep only the newest or most important pieces and create clever “time capsules” with the rest.

– Create a new display area for artwork by adding a corkboard or chalkboard on the pantry door.

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