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Oct 05 2012

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Friday fun: Dishwashing and couplehood bliss

Here’s something to think about this weekend when you’re finishing a meal and getting ready to clean up: Do you and your spouse fight over doing the dishes?

If the answer’s yes, then you’re not alone. According to a national survey commissioned by Bosch home appliances, more than 40 percent of Americans squabble over this most reviled of mealtime chores, including finer points such as whether to pre-rinse or how best to load the dishwasher. Of course, the survey findings were presented along with information about how the company’s dishwashers could help minimize relationship discord.

Following are some of the survey findings:

• Do you need to pre-rinse? While 61 percent of survey respondents report warring over this hot-button issue, the answer is no. According to Bosch, detergent needs to cling to food to avoid scratching your dishes.

• A controversial topic for 41 percent of those who argue over the dishes is whether to separate items in the dishwasher or to pack the dishwasher as full as possible for a larger load. Women (48%) are more likely to object to doing the latter than men (33%). For the best results, however, use the tines—they’re there for a reason—and give your dishes some personal space.

• How about placing sharp knives in the dishwasher? Should they be point-up or point-down? Although the survey found that this, too, is a contested topic among 39% percent of quarreling couples, it is a touchier subject with women (43%) than with men (34%). For safety, Bosch advises that knives should be point-down.

• Thirty-four percent believe that cups go on the top rack and plates on the bottom, while their mates are proponents of a freer approach. Plates do need their space to be clean, so sometimes splitting a large load into two smaller loads may yield cleaner results, according to Bosch.

• Those warring about dish duty will also tangle over keeping plastic containers on the top rack to prevent them from melting or just placing them anywhere in the dishwasher. That people argue about this is surprising, but with Bosch’s dishwashers, which incorporate a concealed water heating element, this should be a non-issue.

• Other numbers worth noting: 38% of men admit to finding reasons for getting out of loading the dishwasher. Sixteen percent excuse themselves because they cooked the meal, 12% admit to being too lazy and 10% just feel they have better things to do with their time.

Want more or too tired to read? Here’s an amusing video on the above:

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  1.  Bobo Brazil |

    What about my contention that my wife would dirty up far fewer pans, dishes, etc. during meal preparation if she also had to clean up afterward?