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Aug 31 2012

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Friday inspiration: Constant learning, constant action

“We learn from our actions, we act from our learning. One without the other suffers; both together provide clarity on the path to truth.”

Whatever you do on a daily basis to work with customers and grow your business, there are two things that need to be constant: qualified activity and constant learning.

Sometimes we go 100 miles an hour running around and meeting new prospects, and even though this activity is productive, sometimes it gets stale.

What are you learning every day to build value in yourself and your service? The knowledge you gain from reading, the study of your craft and industry and surrounding yourself with mentors gives you confidence and enthusiasm to keep on moving in a positive way.

The mind is nowhere when working at its highest level. No attachments. It responds automatically based on previous learning that has been let go.

We learn in stages …

• Unconsciously incompetent…not knowing what we don’t know

• Consciously incompetent… knowing that we don’t know

• Consciously competent…knowing and doing

• Unconsciously competent…Action without thinking. The mind, body and spirit are one and the action is clean and pure. Mushin. No mind.

Through constant learning and applying your knowledge, your action becomes more natural.

-Barry Farber

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