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Apr 01 2012

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Generation II Sorpesa hoods from Best

If you didn’t attend the International Builder’s Show or the Architectural Digest Home Design Show, then you have most likely missed the new hoods from the Best Sorpresa Collection.

Best is calling this new batch of hoods Generation II. The Sun, Sphera, Intrigue and Fusion will round out the first nine hoods to bring the total collection to 13 pieces of “functional art.” Their official release will be this June and not at KBIS as you might expect.

I tried to take photographs of the hoods but they did not turn out well at all so I am using stock photography from Best.

The Sun is a wall mounted range hood that can be ducted or non-ducted. The Sun has perimeter induction technology that Best states allows the hood to better collect smoke and odors. The Sun features a round polished stainless disk (the sun) and comes with a white or black glass backdrop. An optional stainless flue is available for ducted applications but I think it looks better without it.

The Sphera is a recirculating hood that looks like a kitchen light. It is offered in either black or white. An optional remote control is available with this island hood. This hood is ideal for remodeling, and two hoods installed side by side can increase the exhaust functionality while looking stylish instead of toobcommercial.

The Intrigue is another wall-mounted hood that can be ducted or non-ducted. However, the ability to paint this hood makes it quite unique. The top portion (flue to chimney) can be painted allowing it to blend into the wall or pop if that is your preferred aesthetic. I like that this hood has a shelf-like appearance.

The Fusion hood has a yin-yang connection and is a balanced hood of brushed stainless steel and mirror glass. This wall hood can also be ducted with the option flue, like the Sun. In my opinion, this hood looks good both ducted and non-ducted.

The Best website has a useful tool called the Sorpresa Visualizer that lets you envision your hood selection in a range of kitchen styles from Arts and Crafts to European.

Ann Porter

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