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Jul 12 2012

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Getting a visual—using CAD drawings as a sales tool

I’ve been an interior designer for many years, and I still think it’s hard for me to realize that my clients don’t see what I see when it comes to visualizing what their finished project will look like. I guess that’s why I’m a designer, because I can see the entire project finished in my head before it’s even committed to paper. Sometimes I forget that most people can’t do that, and it takes a LOT of drawing, talking and shopping for materials for them to finally “get it” and feel good about moving forward. The key phrase is “feel good” because I think it’s so important for my clients to feel good about each and every decision made in the process, or they will continually question whether or not they’ve done the right thing and might possibly have a regret down the road.

I have seen some CAD drawings in the past that were very well done. I know that this type of drawing has come a long way and continues to evolve. About a year ago, I put an inquiry out on Craig’s List for a CAD renderer for some projects I needed to have drawn up and received many responses. When I received some sample images from computer artist Randy Daynard, I knew I had hit pay dirt. There’s really no reason for me to go on and on about how great they are—I think the images speak for themselves. What these drawings do for me as a designer trying to land a job is nothing short of miraculous. I think they give me a huge leg up on any other designer submissions, and usually get me the job. An added benefit is having the contractor and related trades see the finished project, answering many questions before the job even begins. It’s helpful for me as well, making sure I review every detail and eliminate ordering mistakes.

These images are for projects I’m currently working on, and I’ll post “after” photos when the design becomes a reality.

Patricia Gaylor

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