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Sep 04 2012

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Groovy refrigerators

As a designer, I appreciate certain things about every era or decade of design, but the era of the 1950s and ’60s are particular favorites of mine.

The post-war boom brought us a surge of growth and our economy was on an upswing. The mood of the nation was positive. The ’60s brought
“revolution” and change, with the emphasis on sleek, modern design. This was true not only in clothing and home furnishings, but also in everyday items, like refrigerators.

I came across this video, made by Westinghouse in 1968. It’s a funny, odd and interesting look into that particular time period. To me, it really sums up the entire mood of the nation at that time. I’m squirming a little as I write this and view the video, as I lived through this era, and it’s a little embarrassing to see just how “groovy” we were…if you have any doubts, just try to sit through Woodstock—the movie without cringing!

A few images from the era, which I find interesting…the evolution of custom panels:

Refrigerator love!

Patricia Gaylor

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  1.  Bryanne |

    Wow, I don’t know what to say other than “groovy”.

  2.  JSallette |

    This video was so inspiring and reflective.. It had me totally captivated until 2:59 – they should have stopped there… but they did not know that less is more… wow… we have come a long way with advertising home appliances.

    I enjoy watching ads from yesteryear from the design industry. There is so much talent to glean helpful tips from.

    Thanks so much for sharing this clip and photos… I am so glad that you shared this piece from Westinghouse.

    We have Come a long way in this industry…. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see what the ads will look like in the future…