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May 08 2012

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Hafële’s SmartCab is smart

A picture is really worth a thousand words. But sometimes, you need more than one picture to tell the whole story.

Take Häfele’s SmartCab, whose true coolness was lost on me when I first saw its press release and image. Designed for 15-in. and 18-in. base cabinets with a drawer above, it’s a pullout system comprising a variety of interchangeable inserts and options that allow you to customize and maximize storage in what is often under- or ill-used space. Installation is easy, requiring just four screws to mount the unit to the base of the cabinet interior, and yes, soft-close runners are included.

Simple enough, right? And the image above is effective, I suppose. But I have to confess, it took a meeting with Häfele’s PR person (thanks, Kara!), during which I saw the following images, to make me understand, ah, the intelligence and versatility of SmartCab. (Of course, it could have just been me.)

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