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Oct 18 2010

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Handling the questions you hate to hear

They’re the questions from Hell—the ones you’re never sure how to answer.

Questions like: “Why are you so expensive?”

Or: “Can you give us a better price?”

Or: “Why is this project taking so long?”

Failing to come up with right answers to the wrong questions may cost you more than time and energy.

It may cost you money. You may end up cutting your fees or giving away your time to avoid a confrontation with a difficult client.

Problem is, a meeting with a client or prospect is rarely a time for impromptu brilliance.

You’re not likely to come up with a knock-their-socks-off response to a question out of nowhere, such as: “What’s your mark up on this?”

Approach meetings hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. Expect the unexpected and craft, ahead of time, good answers to lousy questions.

Prepare today for a question like: “Why are you so much more expensive than other kitchen and bath companies in town?”

Develop a response, now, that points out that you’re “the only firm in the area that has been building and remodeling kitchens for more than 25 years”…or whatever.

Don’t let tough questions tie you up, bring you down and stress you out.

Create a list of your killer questions—and a cheat sheet of answers to them.

Fred Berns, an interior design industry coach, is the author of Audio Success Series, the digital set from which this information was taken.

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