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Aug 05 2013

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Happy Kitchens: Designing for Millennials


There’s something about looking at old pictures of kitchens from the 1950’s that makes me happy. Maybe it’s because it was arguably a happier time in our history. World War II was over, housing was booming, and the country was getting back to the business of living and having fun. Drive-in movies, big cars, rock and roll music – not to mention some crazy clothes and colorful house interiors – make me look back at that era and smile. Besides, who wouldn’t love a pink kitchen?

Pink Kitchen

Or a turquoise kitchen?

Turquiose kitchen

I still like to collect funky 50’s textiles and other cool stuff from my childhood like colorful tablecloths (I own at least 30 of them).


Or some cool retro kitchen accessories…

Retro accessories

Even though I lived through that time, there seems to be a growing interest in this era among the younger set (also known as THE MILLENNIALS) – although it has somewhat of a twist. The twist is: a little more modern and sleek and still colorful, but also should be energy efficient, sustainable and yes, AFFORDABLE. After all, this particular group of up-and-coming citizens, described as Millennnials – a generation born from 1980 onward, brought up using digital technology and mass media – is still paying off college loans, getting into the business world and coping with the current economy. So it’s a pretty tall order to try and satisfy this group of consumers, which is growing by leaps and bounds.

There are some great products out there that fit the bill for designing a fabulous kitchen for Millennials, starting with an amazing new introduction due out this fall from GE called the Artistry Series. Here’s how GE describes it: With the introduction of the GE Artistry Series, GE’s designers focus on the needs of today’s generation of Millennials and their desire to uniquely express themselves. Created by a 27-year-old GE industrial designer with his own generation in mind, the Artistry Series provides first-time homebuyers with a distinctive and cool appearance at a price they can afford. This new line of stylishly sensible kitchen products includes: a gas range, electric range, bottom-freezer refrigerator, over-the-range microwave and top-control dishwasher.

Artistry series

A price tag of under $2500 for all 4 appliances is pretty sweet.

For affordable countertops, a fresh approach from Formica’s anniversary collection in “Endless Graytone” has a retro vibe but still delivers sleek, modern design.

Formica Gray

Or ‘red ellipse’ can deliver a ‘diner’ style vibe with a modern twist.

Formica red

For some lighting choices, West Elm has a bent wood line that’s great looking and priced well at $ 169.

West Elm

The ‘Corona’ pendant from Rejuvenation Lighting is great in the color ‘Neptune Blue’ and is only $ 275.00.


For door and drawer hardware, Ikea’s “Bastig” knob in brushed stainless is simple and affordable at $ 4.99 for two.


Rejuvenation’s cabinet knob with star backplate is cool and sells for $10 each.

Last pic

Back to work!



– Patricia Galyor

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