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Dec 08 2011

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Have you heard of IPTLOCK?

A few weeks ago, I received a phone call from a Gary Blum about IPTLock, a website that allows designers to communicate and share files with their clients while providing better copyright protection. I had told Gary that I would ask the designers judging this year’s K+BB Product Innovator Awards what they thought of the site, but to be honest, I forgot to do so in the controlled chaos of managing the awards program.

Consequently, I’m mentioning it to all of you.

How does the site may differ from others you’re already using? It features a virtual remote that allows you—the designer—to set who, what, where, when and for how long you want someone—your client or a project member—to have access to a file. You can also determine if you want to allow printing and comments. By controlling the former, the site cuts down on the possibility of your client taking your design and going to someone else with it (which is just plain shady).

In addition, the files you send can only be viewed on the first computer/IP address they’re opened on. They can’t be copied, printed or shared—unless you say so—and you get a complete record of who’s viewed the files and the amount of time they spent viewing them. If you enable comments, your clients or other members of the project team can view the files, provide immediate written feedback and/or make suggestions without altering the original designs. The site automatically alerts you via email or text when files are opened, and comments posted are relayed to you in real time.

According to Gary, who is president and chief creative officer of TLG7, an ad agency in Purchase, NY, the site started out as a way to prevent prospects from using the agency’s pitch work without its permission and to get feedback from clients more quickly. “As an ad agency, once we sent a proof, file or concept by email to a prospect or client, we lost all control of our work,” he said. “There was no real proof anyone saw our work,” requiring multiple follow-up calls to confirm receipt and obtain changes and comments (sound familiar?).

If you’re intrigued, you can demo IPTLOCK for free at www.iptlock.com. If you have any questions, please call Gary at 914-251-9300.

—Alice Liao

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