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Jun 06 2011

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Have you Herbed?

Consumers expect exceptional value from their designers these days. One way to set yourself apart from the average cabinet peddler is by planning an integrated herb garden into your next kitchen remodel.

Herbs are inexpensive, timeless and require little maintenance. The garden can be as simple as three herb pots (perfect thank-you gift) or a whole assortment of perennials.

Adding a little green can be a great way to break up a long cabinet run and vertical gardens can be used to add a unique focal point to an otherwise average space.

Plant shelves are great solutions for kitchens with windows very close to a corner. In older homes with low windows, a sunken herb box behind the sink is a terrific alternative to having to change out a period window to accommodate a 36-in. counter height.

If you are not a gardener, these tips may be helpful. Try to utilize a south-facing wall to take advantage of the most natural light possible. Herbs need 5- 6 hours of light per day so if the window is inadequate or nonexistent, add fluorescent or LED grow lights into your design.

Ann Porter

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